18 April 2016

Monday Quickie

No futbol Saturday, so sleeping late was the correct call. Well, when one considers sleeping late equates to 7:30 instead of 6:30, it means little.
Got up, watched a little BPL, kitted up, and headed out.
CX bike.
2 hours. Felt good. Big sunshine.

The PowerStation was still a bit damp in a few spots. The far end of Old State is rideable, but barely. If you lack skill in the sand, turn around at the K-Rail.
Wildlife spotted : Barred Owl, redtail hawk, and a good sized black snake who was enjoying the sun.
The rest of the day was spent pursuing educational interests with Junior Management.

Woke up Sunday and met The Professor for a lazy spin thru LexCo. If you can call 85km a "spin".
Twas breezy yesterday too.
Again though, Big sun, so it's all good.
3 hours fell away pretty easily.
Figured out one fit issue on the Ridley. Still chasing the last one.
If you think a surgery on a knee doesn't affect fit, you're deluded.
Strong shoe/sock game too...

Came home, fully expecting to get a solid nap, but NOOOOOOO!
The Boss was supposed to take #3 to a birthday party, but "twisted her ankle". Yeah...nothing says 'quiet Sunday afternoon' like making small talk with people you don't know/like, and twenty 5 year olds running around.
I was happy...

Amstel Gold was Sunday. Sort of a yawner...

Cosmo did a HTRWW, but to be honest, it's a waste of 5 minutes.

Remember the little moto I posted? Good to just buzz around town on?
Well, this Triumph is the opposite.
It looks like it's ready to punch someone in the neck.

Speaking of neck punches...
Let the Big Dog eat...

And with that...

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