14 April 2016

Hidey ho

As the mornings are relatively free around here, that's when I ride...at least until school is out.
Tuesday was a rainy, gray, wet mess. yeah...I rode.
The Salsa got the call, and I did a modified PowerStation loop. 65 and light rain. Perfect.

2 hours later, I was wet, dirty, and back at Service Course.
Here's where the story gets amusing...
I don't know how YOU do it, but after a rain ride, I go in the back door of the house, which leads directly into the mud room. The laundry is there.
I was soaked and filthy, so I stripped down, and just tossed everything in the washing machine.
Ahhhh...hot shower, here I come.
The door that leads into the house was locked.
There I stood...
Not putting the kit back on, so I wrapped myself in a Star Wars sheet (shut up...I have kids!), I walked around to the front of house.
Hello neighbors!
Thankfully, no one saw me, and I got into the front door with no drama.
At least I didn't need to go through a window. It's happened before.

So this morning, before rolling out, the back doors were both unlocked...just in case.
90 minutes on the Ridley. It was windy. You guys have fun in that shit tonight. The words "Headwind home" should tell you what you need to know.
Also put the new Schwalbes on the carbon wheels, and rode them today.
Holy stiff bike. I'd forgotten. The Salsa with worn out wheels and 33c Clements @ 60psi is considerably less so.
And special thanks to the frat douche from NJ in his dad's Suburban for making an illegal move across Gervais, and almost hitting me. He yelled and screamed, as a NJ frat boy is wont to do. I invited him to pull over and chat.
He didn't...go figure.
I'm seriously considering riding w/the camera on EVERY ride, and investing in a Cycliq rear blinky/camera.
Drivers aren't getting any better. At least we'll get downtown/campus back in 6 weeks, when the college kids go home.

The "lesser" races are going on in Europe right now. I say "lesser" in quotations b/c the racing is anything but...

Brabantse Pijls

That last kicker at the finish is just insult piled on injury...

GP Denain

How about the sprint? WTF?
"Excuse me...pardon me...pardon me...excuse me...(victory salute)

 Don't mean to toot my own horn here, but the shoe/sock game was STRONG this morning.
I could tell you where I got them, but considering how people in town bite my style...
Let's just say there are more that will make appearances soon...

Two wheels good...
Just about perfect to bang around town on...

Okay...enough for today...

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