11 April 2016


Roubaix Sunday is a day, traditionally, that I either don't ride, or wait until the race is over.
After yesterday's race, a ride was NEEDED!
Dog Almighty! It was nuts.

And thinking MAYBE the UCI needs to do something about the motos in the races....

Poor Viviani. Fortunately, he's not hurt too badly.

After Roubaix ended, I threw a leg over the Salsa, and headed out. It was quite nice @ 11. About 55 degrees, but still windy. And the wind didn't seem to have any sort of plan. There was NO tailwind...ever. Head/cross for two hours...
No matter. I still got out and got 2 hours. Felt okay too.
The PowerStation is in decent shape, except for the giant waterhole that is, once again, hike a bike.

Pretty Pictures:
 When Fabi crashed, Sagan rode up, and over, his bike. How he pulled THAT out will be discussed for a while...
 Nice. Thanks Fabi!
And Jered Gruber was up to his tricks again. The guy takes brilliant photos...

 I'm no genius, but I know that putting the Di2 junction box on the BB is a bad idea. ANYWHERE else on the bike is better placement.
Yes please...

And with that, I bid you happy Monday.

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