10 February 2016

Go in peace brother! #FUCancer

Our friend Ken has moved on, beyond the cancer that ravaged his body for so long. He fought a valiant fight, but it just wasn't enough.
We already covered what a mensch the guy was in life. It's a VERY rare thing that you meet a person about whom NO ONE has a bad thing to say. Kenny was this guy.
He was a talented musician, who played for the SC Philharmonic...double bass no less, a brilliant and insightful writer, a great rider, and a friend to many.
Everyone that has spoken of Ken has a story. A story that is funny, touching, insightful, or that changed them in some way. I think that this was Kenny's gift to each of us. Some occurrence, or experience, with him that we'll never forget. I know I have such a story.
I've talked about it before...even wrote about it...
Billy wrote about it...(and showed the knee hole! Ewwwww....!)
Hell, even Kenny wrote about it...
That day on the bike will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Cancer beat up on him for three years. I just don't know if I would have the strength of will that Kenny had. Through everything, he remained the same guy. He didn't allow the disease to change who he was.
I know it's wholly selfish, but I wish I'd have made an effort to know him better. Even so, it was my distinct privilege, and honor, to know him, and call him 'friend'.
This is Kenny, and his lovely wife, Jaime. This is how I'll remember him. Smiling. Jovial. Sweet...but with just a hint of mischief in his eyes.
He is no longer in pain. No longer being ravaged by an unexplainable disease.
He's now riding smooth roads, tailwinds pushing him along, sunshine on his face.
May Jaime, and the rest of Kenny's family, and large number of friends, find some peace.

Billy Joel was right. Only the good die young...

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Billy Fehr said...

Love is blindness
I don't want to know
His humor is kindness
and his strength an inner glow

Like anyone who passes leaving his heart behind
he lives forever in our minds.

yes. FU Cancer.
Long live the Ghost of Jerry Reed