22 February 2016


As I was extremely lazy Saturday morning, the chirp from the alarm went unheeded. No ridey outside. Trainer time was the call...again. An hour. No worries.
Then we packed up for a little adventure, and took Junior Management out to Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve.

It was a nice hike thru the woods, and a good educational experience for the boys.

Met with the core Heathen group Sunday for a short spin. 2 hours.
About an hour in, the rain began to fall.
Newly repaired knee? Check
Newly repainted frameset? Check
New, out of the box, Diadora shoes? Check
The Ridley rode flawlessly, as usual, seeing that I built it.
Actually, I did shellac a medium-sized pothole in Shandon, which loosened the headset a bit. Thanks to Steve Benjamin for being so worried about infrastructure. Oh wait...
It'll get remedied this morning.
The headset, that is...
Out infra? Yeah...that'll happen in our lifetimes.

As for the shoes, they're Diadora Vortex Pros. Same sole as my old Jet Racer Pros, so cleat set-up was easy, and there was no reason to dither with seat height.
They're light...and I mean LIGHT, and plenty stiff. I didn't think I'd like the BOA system, but it's fairly brilliant. Easily adjustable, and there's no need to crank it down like velcro. Simple to adjust on the fly too.
And the upper itself is outstanding. Between the lack of a true tongue inside the shoe, and the BOA, the Vortex Pro fits like slipper. No pressure points, and even tension across the entirety of the shoe. No pinching here, or looseness there. Normally, it takes anywhere from a few rides, to a few weeks to break in a road shoe. Not these. They were good to go about 20 minutes into the ride.
The toebox is roomy too. Plenty of room inside for my orthotics.
If interested, they can be found around the intarwebs on pretty deep discount right now. Think I'mma go buy the MTB/CX version shortly....
From the "Where is this and When do we leave?" File :

And to end, Sven's last ride was yesterday. It was a great race, and pretty emotional for more than a few folks...

Thank you Sven!

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy it. I'm stuck here with a sick kid.

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