09 February 2016

Turning a corner

So the rehab continues. Another trainer ride this morning. I hate the infernal beast, but it's serving the purpose right now.
50 minutes (probably should have just rolled it up to the hour) @ 100rpm. HR up, and a little sweat. This morning was the first ride since I've gotten back on the bike where that "feeling" came into my legs. This is a good thing.
Once it gets warm enough, I'm going to venture outside. Probably on the CX bike at first.
Well, I'm sort of forced to at this point.
All the bit to finish the Ridley have arrived. I went down to Service Course on Sunday to run cables, and realized that, in my haste to tear down the Noah for paint, I tossed the BB cable guide.
Dumbass? Party of one?
And did I mention that it's a proprietary piece? Standard Shimano or Campy guides don't work.
And did I mention that no one in the US has the part? Not even QBP, who imports the fucking things.
I have three different guides on order at this point. Pretty sure that one of them will work, even if I'm forced to modify it a bit.
Either that, or I'll be forced to buy 11v Di2. Wonder how that conversation with The Boss will go? LOLZ.

Fun CX races last weekend :


Sint Niklaas

And Spencer from Ritte re-did a Lotus Esprit Turbo

Not much else going on around here.
Oh, the Spring Series starts this weekend, if you're into that sort of thing. Is it getting earlier every year, or it is me?
Sunday should be good. Nothing says fun like starting a crit in 25 degree weather.
I'll be in Service Course, where it's 60-ish.

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