04 January 2016


The kids FINALLY went back to school! And I got to go get the crap kicked out of me at PT. Injured/repaired knee notwithstanding, PT shows just how weak cyclists bodies truly are. Seemingly simple balance exercises are work...even on my good leg.
Might be time to work something into the schedule that requires lateral movement.
Overall though, I'm getting better.
RoM is with 20 degrees of normal. Swelling is almost gone, and as usual, no pain. I'd say that's okay for 12 days.
The Noah got re-sanded last week. I just wasn't happy with the paint on the frame. The paint came from two different production lots, and while one would think they would be the same color, I could tell a difference. My OCD comes home to roost...
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 I'm no structural engineer, but this just isn't a good idea...

 Found an idea for the re-design of the dining room. Sent the construction budget thru the roof!!

I'd like to think this old fella was mates with Coppi, and is stopping by to say hello...

I had someone stop by for some advice about a shifting issue on their road bike. The cables and limit screws were all wrong, and the brakes were reversed. We won't mention the installation of the new chain...
Remember, purchase of tools does not include knowledge of use.

Lots of cross around New Year's Day...

GP Sven Nys


Sven's little shunt in the ditch broke his fork. Looked like it broke his spirit too. He didn't seem terribly excited about racing from that point.

The Noah is at a standstill until this weekend. It's too cold to lay down any new primer or paint. I'm waiting on the second set of decals too. Hurry up and wait. Story of my life these days...

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