11 January 2016

Sitting here watching the wheels go round.

Lots of CX to watch last weekend. National championships everywhere.
Belgium was probably the best mens' race.

Lightning fast. More of a dirt crit than CX race. If you wanted a grinder of a course, it was up in Asheville.
Both races were great.
Can't embed them, but follow the link below for full replays of both races.


Looked like fun. Sorry I missed freezing my ass off! Really sorry I missed seeing friends from all over the country.

I did get primer AND sealer on the Ridley.
Now to wait for some weather warm enough to lay down some paint...
Not like I can ride the flipping thing anyway!
Also got the new Diadora Vortex Pros set up.
Same sole as my other Diadoras, so it was easy peasy. Gotta say too, I'm no weight weenie...no reason to be, but these things are LIGHT. How light? 100g per shoe. You say big deal, but that's 1/4 pound on each side. And that's rotational weight.
Also stopped down to the fish store with Junior Management, and picked up a new family member.
The boys are all off into Star Wars right now, so they named his Admiral Ackbar. Google it.
All in all, it was a full weekend of doing jack shit.
And there was a discussion about "style". I hate to break it to you, but not many guys today have it. Sagan...Kittel...a few others. It's either there, or it ain't. You can't force style.
 Yates? Style. And the double-bend. Makes my wrists hurt looking at the picture.
Merckx playing the part of Sheriff. Look at the length of the line behind him. He didn't lay down the Law. He WAS the Law.
And so ends today's lesson...
It's Monday, and the sun is out. Go outside.

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