13 January 2016


Seriously, Fuck you cancer. And I mean it.
My friend Ken has cancer. Colon cancer. He's battled it for three years. It's gotten to the point where he is in hospice care. Ken is a young man.
He is a talented musician, a supremely witty writer, a great rider, and a husband. All of those things aside, he is, honestly, one the nicest, most earnest people that I have ever had the privilege to know.
I'm not going to sit here and embellish to make you think we are BFFs. We aren't. BUT...

If you know me, or you ride around here, you know that I ride ALOT, with A LOT of different folks.
I can say, without any sort of equivocation, one of my top 5 rides EVER included Ken.
It was a memorial ride for Ian Foyster. It was a dirt road affair put on by Toby Porter. It was in Lexington. The date was January 2, 2010.
It was a ball-biting cold day. We rolled out anyway. Lots of stuff went on that day. Smiles, laughs, pictures, ball-breaking...and Kenny crashed. And when I say crashed, I mean CRASHED. Normally, on a dirt road, it's no so bad. Ken found the ONE section of dirt that had exposed bedrock. It was NOT a gradual stop.
Upon taking inventory, he pulled off one kneewarmer to find a peanut M&M-sized stone had lodged itself IN his leg. Kinda of odd to see, and definitely a first for me.
He popped the rock out, leaving a little, half-melon ball hole in the side of his knee. We were NOT close to home...or anywhere for that matter.
Ken cleaned up, sacked up, and we rode on. Never a complaint.
That ride was a lot of things. Hard, long, cold, fun, and friendship forming. I think about it often...a little more now.
Ken has been unable to work, and his wife took a leave of absence from USC to help care for him. Bills are doing what bills do...
A YouCaring page has been set up to accept donations for Ken and his wife, to help them get by a little better. If you have a few bucks, please consider tossing it their way.



We're all in this thing together!

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The Silver Dog said...

Thanks brother for the post.. After I wiped the tears away the realization of friendship created via two wheels and a saddle is all about. I had a epic ride with Kenny back '08 that is forever ingrained in my mind.