28 December 2015

+5 days

Situation report :
We're at +5 days on the knee surgery. It was no fuss, no muss.
I've had NO pain at all. I'm up and walking...well, limping, around the house. I had PT today, and have 5 more PT appointments. I must also do the PT exercises at home a few times a day.
No big deal.
The swelling in my knee is going down. It looks like a knee now, and not like a boa that swallowed a piglet.
The only things that hurt are the GD stitches. It feels like they want to pull out.
They're coming out Thursday...
Bob, my PT, says I'll be able to ride the trainer in about 3 weeks. WhoooHoooo!

I guess I should start working on the Ridley, eh? Maybe the CX bike is the better choice, b/c of the little gears.

When being a hipster goes bad. Sometimes access to a drill press should be highly restricted.

Zolder Women (KFC 2nd place)


Diegem (Working on some night moves...)

I like Diegem b/c A) It's at night. B) It runs all through the town. They basically take over the village...and the entire village comes out to watch! And the finish...WHOOOO!

And Al-Jazeera has done an expose about pro sports and drugs...

You mean guys who are 6'5" and weigh 250 aren't supposed to be that big and fast? NOOOOO!
And of course, people are already commenting that they don't believe the story about Peyton Manning simply because Al-Jazeera produced the piece. Like that's how ISIS will take us down. Expose pieces about football.
Everyone can come back from debilitating neck surgery to play football with just some PT? Cool...get me his "therapist".

Cyclists are dirty cheaters who dope. Ball and stick athletes use the same shit to come back from injury...it's cool...

I'm out. Time for a nap. Limping around is hard on a brother...

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