10 April 2015

Two Days...

"When you went down in the cage, five hundred metres, you never knew for sure whether you would be coming up again. Not something to dwell on. Like the Arenberg. Best not even to let the fear in"

-Jean Stablinski

Don't know Jean Stablinski?  You should...

Fun ride last night. Small turnout. No matter. We had a good roll.
No motivation = no effort being put forth.
No one really had any interest in killing it last night. Well, except "he who should not be named". We all wanted to ride steady, and together.
He decided this was his opportunity to "attack" and "sprint". Pretty funny actually...not in a "HA-HA" way.
He'd go...we'd watch.
Slow(er) ride, he's towards the front.
Quick(er) ride, hides in the back, trying to survive.

U10 Futbol tomorrow morning, then a CX ride on the dirt. It's the little things I look forward to...

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