22 April 2015

Here's the deal...

I'm gonna say this once, and own it.
If you come to the ride, and act like an asshole, thus endangering the lives of others, you'll be asked not to come back...EVER. IDGAF.
If you swing out to try to attack the group, and ride into the other lane, almost getting run over by a passing car in the process, it's a YOU issue.
Yes, this stupidity actually happened last night.
For the second Tuesday in a row, the very same dumbass swung out to go around the group, and was almost run down from behind by a passing car. Only this time, the car was full of Lexington County rednecks.
Words were exchanged, and the initial dumbass behavior begat further dumbass behavior, and endangered the entire group.
There are times, and places, to engage in lively debate with drivers, especially if the driver is in the wrong. In this case, the rider in question was 100% the cause of the issue.
Not good. It makes ALL cyclists look bad to drivers. It also makes the cyclist in question look like a complete jackass to other cyclists.
In this case, two wrongs definitely didn't make a right. It simply made for a whole bunch of danger.

A few things :
A) Pulling out to come around the group (crossing the double yellow I might add) is fucking stupid. It's a Tuesday night ride (not Fleche Wallonne), and let's be honest, the person we're talking about here isn't going to ride away from anyone.
B) Take your fucking earbuds out.
Look I get it. I too ride with earbuds, but rarely have them in my EAR (not BOTH ears) in the group. And even if I do, the music is so low that it's barely audible, and I can still hear cars, and the voices of riders around me.
C) After the stupidity that split our little group, the aforementioned dumbass "attacked" again. Bad form, Stupid. Funny that once the pressure went on, he couldn't pull through. Yet when we got to the P.O. sprint he found his legs. Sorry jackass, not happening. You lose...
And attacking through the neighborhood to get to the parking lot first doesn't make you fast, nor a hero. It makes you a wanker. There's no podium waiting for anyone.
D) I know this person probably got home last night, and whinged to his wife about how we're all dicks. Here's how this works :
If one or two people think you're in the wrong, it might be their problem.
If the VAST majority of the group thinks you're in the wrong, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG!!!

And I know that some might be sitting there reading this, asking, "Well, who the hell are you to make these statements...you don't run the ride!"
Here's the thing...
The ride leaves it's current location because of ME. I went to the mat for the ride, and the people who participate, so we could use the parking lot behind SC Farm Bureau Insurance. Ergo, I have a dog in this fight.
Don't like it? That's a YOU problem. Want to discuss it? I'm easy to find.
And yes, words were spoken to the person in question last night, and warnings were given. Fortunately, someone more level-headed than I did the talking to. This was the first, and only, warning that will be given.

And don't get me wrong here. Our not-so-little group is very open. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come out. But let's be clear, we are all a bit protective of one another. Years of riding together does that. If one does something to endanger the group, well...that's just not good...
Get ME hurt because of YOUR stupidity, and there will be trouble.


Other than that... LOL! The ride part of the ride was pretty good. The little group that got away (idiot notwithstanding) was good. We all worked, and rode a steady, hard pace. Nice to have that tailwind home too!

The week is halfway over, and its beautiful  outside. Have your lunch outside in the sun today.

Fleche Wallonne is on...I gotta go...

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