13 April 2015

That was solid...

Every so often, a weekend lines up.
Saturday :
U10 futbol. They won 5-1. #2 scored. Both played well.
CX ride. 2 hours. BIG tailwind out 12th. The Powerstation was heavy from all the rain, but didn't preclude doing a couple of loops.
Asshole neighbors were loud @ 3:30am again, so after my ride, I fired up the pressure washer. Think big motorcycle single cylinder with a 3100psi pump attached. You wake me up...I make your hangover hurt worse.
Went to the shop and got some Velox.
Spent the rest of the Chamber of Commerce afternoon outside. Even fell asleep in the sun.

As you can clearly see, it was fairly terrible outside on Saturday!

Sunday :
Woke up (always a plus!), and watched the first part of Roubaix.
Met The Heathens for a nice 115km roll thru Lower Richland. Crosswind out. Cross/Tailwind home.
We came to an agreement yesterday that if you didn't ride on such a nice day, you should sell all of your shit on Ebay. 70degrees. Light breezes. Green countryside.
Got home, ate, played some futbol with Junior Management, had a NERF gun battle, went to Whole Foods.
Solid weekend...

Speaking of Roubaix....
(Arenberg starts at about 38 minutes...)

Carrefore de l'arbre (where the winning move happened)

Peto tosses his bike...

Gotta say, I can't blame him in this instance. Dude had a BAD day.
He had to stop mid-race for a poop. Chased back on, only to suffer a malfunctioning front shifter/mech. The bike change cost him the chance to dice for the podium. THEN Tinkov blames him, and Julich, for his performance.

And it's always cool to see the wacky stuff the mechanics do to the bikes for Roubaix.
I really like the handlebar tape on Sieberg's pedal to minimize the cleat skating around...
Simple...yet effective...

And Degenkolb deserved the W. He was easily the strongest.

And speaking of pedals, I got some Look Keo Carbon Blades. I like them a lot. Wider platform. More secure feeling. HELLA light. I'll do a full review in the coming days. I will say this though, use the old school, dual density Keo cleats. The Keo "grip" cleats don't play well with the carbon Blade pedals.
It's a difference in cleat thickness. Yes, I checked...
I'll explain more when I post the review...

Enjoy your Monday!

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