06 June 2014

Late edition...

Sorry...places to go, people to see...

Like any of you were waiting with baited breath anyway...

Fun ride last night. Sort of slow until we got to Gator, then the pace picked up. A few took off.  A few rode slowly (me). Shockingly, those who took off actually waited on 302.
Once the group re-assembled, and even though the call of "No Shenanigans" had gone out early in the ride, all hell broke loose.  A 55kmh run down into South Congaree quickly turned into a 65kmh chase of a very fast LBS owner.
How do I know we were going 65kmh? Well, I was in my 52/12, turning 120rpm, and kept hitting the button.  Unfortunately, there were just no more gears, and no more leg speed.
Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed, and the pace came back down to a reasonable level. 
And it was HOT last night.  94 when I left, and 91 when I hit the door @ 8:15. The humidity was high as well.
Once we got to the P.O. sprint, I turned it off...way off...
It was the first truly "Summer" ride, and I paid for it a little bit.  Once back to Service Course, I crushed a bottle of ice cold San Pellegrino like it was my job.
Hot shower?  No thanks!
I didn't even re-heat dinner.  Cold chicken and brussels sprouts were just fine.

The "active rest week" reset seems to be going fine.  Ride easy Saturday and Sunday...

 The helmet is aero.  Is the rest? 
Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouch.

And I usually despise those run along side pros on a climb while those pros are suffering 1000 deaths, but this is a pretty cool video from the Zoncolon at the Giro.

Nice to see that some of the pro-dogs are good natured dudes. 

Later...I'm outside, and it's humid.  Time to go back inside...

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