12 June 2014

August in June

Tuesday was brutal.  No, it wasn't fast...not in the least.
It was the heat.  @ 5:30pm, WeatherUnderground said the temp was 97, and the heat index was 107. 
Sure, sounds like a good time to throw a leg over the top tube.
I flatly refused to ride hard.  Did just enough to stay out of trouble, but still came home with a ripping headache.
And no, I wasn't dehydrated...not in the least.  After 25 years of this, that's one part I've actually figured out.
Between the barometer looking like a roller coaster, and the oppressive heat/humidity , my little skull just couldn't take the pressure.
As I get older, and yes, 44 is older, I just cannot go full steam in the, well...full steam...

If there was a pool in my yard, I would have fallen in, and just sunk to the bottom...

We're heading to Caesar's Head on Saturday morning. The final pickup spot is Cracker Barrel in Irmo @ 0645.  The Beast is at capacity, so if you plan to make the trip, a vehicle may be required.  Almost all are welcome.

As for Sunday...who knows?  I do know that I'm NOT paying $60 ride loops of the Fort. You know, the place that cyclists have been largely legislated out of?  Nor am I paying to support the ride "organizer".  He doesn't support any part of the community other than his little piece of it, so why should we support him?

 Proper fitment of bibs...just for the record...
I'd rock this. 

And here's one from the "What The Fuck?" File :
Rolling out this morning, the police were at the end of the street. Two cars, full lights. 
Two City trucks, a garbage truck, and a crashed Explorer.
It seems the Explorer rear-ended the garbage truck. 
First, read that sentence again.  How the HELL does one miss the giant blue truck that smells of old diapers and rotting food?
Here's how...
The driver was bitten by one of the THREE dogs in the truck while trying to break up a dogfight...while moving down Rosewood at 40mph.
She swerved, and hit the garbage truck.  Thank whoever that the guys who work on the truck weren't getting the cans off the curb, nor riding on the back of the truck itself.
Oh, did I mention she was also drunk, and had meth in her pocket?  Did I mention it was 9:30 in the GD MORNING?

Yeah, and cyclists on the road are the real danger.  Knowing Richland County, the idiot woman is probably out of jail already.

Keep your head on a swivel people. The Dumb is getting stronger by the day.

And speaking of August, if you have a CX bike, you should go to this...

Cycle-Smart CX Camp

Space is limited to 30, so sign up early, and sign up often.

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