18 April 2014

Pucker Factor

What is the "Pucker Factor" you ask?
It's the force with which your sphincter slams shut when something alarming occurs, be it on, or off, the bike.
Last night, it was on the bike.
As is my normal M.O., I bunny-hopped the tracks on Old Wire.  Evidently, I achieved a bit more altitude than usual, because upon the tires re-establishing contact with Mother Earth, my bars slipped.  And by slipped, I mean SLIPPED.
I went from my normally sort of high lever position to the old Sean Yates double bend.
From this... 
To this...
...in about 11 nanoseconds.  The sound created was alarming as well. 
I thought about just riding it out, but the fact that it was uncomfortable as hell, and I couldn't ride anywhere but the tops forced me to source a multi-tool from Ricky (Ricky Sox Fence...it's a household name).
20 seconds later, my bars were back in the correct position, and I chased back on, and seemingly through the group.  It seems my adrenaline fueled adjustment causes the pace to be higher on the first climb, thus blowing out a whole lot of folks.  Sorry...(not sorry...)
After that, it was just a good, quick tempo ride.  There were still a couple of passengers, but that didn't dampen spirits. 
All in all, it was a fun ride, including my nearly-blind, no-glasses, run home in waning light. 

 Heinrich must have gotten in trouble...
"But Eddy, I'm not a big coffee drinker..."
"Eh, today, you are big coffee drinker..."
I don't eat red meat, but if Eddy served me a bloody steak, I'd eat the fuck out of it!

 The question is, are there little water bottles stacked inside?
 I know the riders at Roubaix are badasses, but the Mavic Neutral Support guys aren't exactly soft!

 I'm no MTBer, but if I was, I'd want my rig to look a lot like this one! ^^^^^^^^^^^
I'm sort of uncomfortable with my level of want for this bike.  It serves no real purpose, but is completely badass at the same time.
Ritte Snob.  Stainless.  One and done. 

Rides :
Saturday 0900 @ Rosewood  3 hours or so
Sunday 0900 @ Colonial Center  4+ hours  Yes, we're going a bit longer.  Yes, we might be heathens, as it's Easter Sunday.  Bring $ and food.  Out thru the Swamp, on to some new roads to 601, around to Eastover and back in.  Figure it will be 75 miles +/-.

And with that, I tip my chapeau.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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