24 April 2014


So yesterday, I turned 44.  44!  I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far.  I'm sure a lot of my family and friends didn't either.

While I had a decent day, it was tempered a bit by loss.
One friend buried his father yesterday, on what would have been his dad's 67th birthday.
I.D. Porter was one of the kindest, nicest, most genuine people I've ever known.  It was my honor and privilege to have known him.
I.D. was struck down by that bastard Cancer.  
Evidently his service on Tuesday night was standing room only.  That says a lot about the man he was in life.
Another friend lost his mother yesterday.
Don't know any specifics, but I know the loss.

May they both Rest in Peace.

So yeah, it was a pretty good day for me, but we'll call it a push...

That being said, I took some frustrations out on the Salsa frame yesterday.  Pretty amazing what an orbital sander, and some chemical stripper can accomplish.

The remaining paint has been treated a second time, and has bubbled nicely.  The wire wheel will take care of what's left.  Who knows, there may be some color on the old horse by the end of the weekend.
I need to get it buttoned up, as a dirt ride is looming on the horizon.  As of today, I have 30 day to finish painting, and build it back up.
And the fact that I need to get it done so I can go ride in inclement weather, as I have become averse to cleaning the Ridley after wet rides.  Who the hell said a white frame was a good idea?

Which brings us to Tuesday.  No ridey.  Sure, it was wet/rainy, but warm, and that usually means a CX bike ride, but as I spent a solid hour cleaning the Noah on Sunday, I wasn't pulling it out.
I'll leave my response to Tracy Morgan...

Fleche was yesterday.  It's just a hard race, period.

And what's sad is the fact that the 'fauxperts' went crazy on Twitter, calling Valverde a doper, and the 'fans' at the podium actually booed him.  WTF people?
If one is going to constantly bitch and moan about doping, and still say one is a 'fan', then one should stop following cycling.  Of course, a lot of these people have only followed cycling for a short time, and have absolutely NO frame of reference.
Let's not forget that God himself, Eddy Merckx got popped for doping more than once, and even thrown out of the Giro for it.  And even those who rest on Mount Olympus used dope.
Anquetil and Coppi admitted it. 

The fact that these very same 'fauxperts' LOVE Garmin (run by a doper), and OPQS (remnants of the Mapei structure, and still employ a Doctor related to doping cases) makes me laugh in their general direction.
Get over yourselves people.  You aren't as smart as you think you are...

Remember Tro Bro Leon?  Yeah...Jered Gruber went, and took some pictures that make calling them brilliant an understatement.
And how is this race not more famous?  Dirt, farm fields...and racing through a culvert pipe?  WHAT?
Flip thru his shots.  Thank me later...

And so ends another waste of your productivity...
The sky is blue.  The air is warm.  Go outside and play.

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