04 April 2014

Like sand through the corners of my eyes...

Pollen count...oh, about a million...
Everything is yellow, and breathing should only really be done indoors.
Came home last night covered in the stuff.  Woke up this morning with eye crust that could have been measured in carats.  My right eye opened after about an hour of actually being awake.
Of course, it did snow again in Boulder, so I'll gladly fight this battle instead of shoveling the car out of the driveway.

Mellow ride last night.  I don't think anyone had a real compunction to go fast, ergo, the group remained large.  It was cool though.  Everyone gets faster, and maybe even a little better.
Just a tip though, if you have been in the back the entire ride, please stay back there when we're rolling slowly.  Rushing to the front when we ease up a bit, or at the end of the ride, is dangerous, and just not necessary.  Especially when the fact that the ride WILL speed back up, and you WILL create gaps.
I wanted to roll around last night.  Chasing gaps on 302 @ 50kmh+ is not rolling around.

And sprinting down the hill, through the neighborhood, crossing the double yellow into oncoming traffic (in this case, an Escalade), does nothing to make drivers like us any better.  It also does not curry favor with those who have dragged you around all night.
Again, there's no podium in the parking lot.

Don't forget, Flanders in this weekend!
 Nothing says I Love you like a cobbled climb...
 Lance.  1995.  Flanders.  Hairnet.  Steel Merckx.  32h/3x wheels.  #Euro
 Know why this happened?  The Gods of CX smote him for wearing that helmet...
Roubaix is next weekend.  If you don't know the guy in the photo above, then I don't need your opinion.
And this picture also points out why Euro fans are just better.  You can barely get Americans to come out to a bike race on a sunny day.  These folks pulled on their Wellies, tromped thru some field filled with water, mud, and cow shit, to see the Euro-Dogs do battle.  Just brilliant...

I like BikeyFace...

It seems Shannon likes gelato.  Yeah, she lives in Boulder, teaches yoga, races bikes, and rides motorcycles.  You are not as cool as her!  Some say she's hot too...

And seeing as it's Friday, have a heaping helping of oppo...

And a bit more...
You mean air-cooled Porsche cars like to go sideways?  Who knew?

Saturday 0900 @ Rosewood 3 hours out through the Swamp
Sunday 0900 @ Colonial Center 3.5-4 hours out into Lex/Cal

Rubber side down to those going to Rock Hill this weekend. 
The crit is a technical affair.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 turns packed into it.
And the RR, well, it's the RR.

Supposed to be nice this weekend.  Go outside and play.

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