21 April 2014

Batting .500

Pretty good in other sports, right?

Saturday was a shite day.  Just miserable.  I went out anyway...if only for a bit.  And it was for no other reason than to get the new shoes figured out.
After a couple of stops/adjustments, and getting drizzled on for the better part of an hour, 'no joy' was called, and I came home.  Sucked...

Sunday, conversely, was pretty frickin' brilliant.
120km.  Roads we'd never been on before.  A stretch of 50km or so in which we never saw a car.
It was a quality 4-ish hours on the bike.  Some didn't show b/c of "the weather", and they missed out.  In 4-6 weeks, people will be wishing for 60 degree cloudy days.

Pretty terrible.  I'm sure those loops of the Fort were fabulous though...
Upon hitting Service Course, I ate, watched a little TV, and had a damn fine nap.  How?
The Boss took Junior Management to her family's Easter gathering.
After waking from the dead, I cleaned the 120km of road detritus from the Noah, and went back to the couch.
Rough day.

Amstel Gold (last 50km)

PhilGil went hard on the last ascent of the Cauberg...and didn't need an aero helmet...

Cosmo's take :

And Phil won the podium chug contest as well!

Tro Bro Leon (looked like a lovely day in rural France)

When did CyclingNews turn into BikeVogue?

 Sometimes, 4 wheels good! Make mine dark gray, please...

And here's something cool that will absolutely BURN through your productivity.  British Pathe has uploaded some 85,000 old newsreel movies to YouTube.  There are quite a few related to cycling.
Bordeaux to Paris (1963)

346 miles!!  And paced behind a derny!!!

Tour of Britain

Good stuff.  You can lost in clicking links.  I did it last night for almost two hours!

And as it usually works after a dreary weekend, it's a big blue sky Monday morning.  Upside?  The Boss went back to work, and Junior Management went back to school.

Time to go to Target...

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