03 March 2014

Spring hasn't sprung just yet...

...but the old gal is making the turn for home.
There's pollen on my truck.  Super.  Can't WAIT until everything has that fine coating of yellow/green crust. 
Then again, we could all be in the Northeast today.  Have fun with more snow up there. 
I'll deal with some rain...
Wx forecast looks iffy this week, but all 60s and 70s next week...just in time for DST, and the road rides to start.

Speaking of road rides, after 4 days off the bike, Saturday was a struggle.  Stiff legs, and a stiffer back, made for a 3 hour ride that seemed much longer.  It was a good group, and we did a loop that hasn't been covered in a long, long time, including some time spent on the Fort.
Nothing like sneaking ONTO an active Army base, then turning down the exit road to find the we then needed to sneak OFF as well.  As BC put it, as we were crawling through the gate, then handing bikes through the same crack, it was a bit of a team building exercise. 
Ended with 90km by the time I hit Service Course.  Felt like crap for the rest of the day.  Ate the house, and let the foam roller have it's way with me.  Sleep came easy.
Sunday started much like Saturday, which didn't really give cause for enthusiasm.  Once out, I think everyone felt better the longer we went. 
And once the temps warmed from the mid-40s, well into the 60s, everyone got a bit more chipper. 
Big sun, bare arms and legs, and a tailwind home.  What more can one ask for on March 2nd? 
Another 95km under wheels. 
Good weekend back on the bike.  And sorry, no pictures.  The camera was dead, and as happens when three children live in a house, we had NO "AA" batteries.

Here's some other stuff to look at :

 A brilliant Waterford CX bike...
And I...it's just...I can't...what the fu...nevemind...
David Millar's "Classics" bike.  Remember when "Classics" bikes looked like this? 

Speaking of Classics, the season has kicked off...

#Omloop (last 95km)

#KBK (last 65km)

Strade Bianche and Roma Maxima are this weekend.  It has begun...

Think you'd like to race track?  Seems somehow "less" dangerous than riding on the road?  Watch this...

And Il Prof's Eriksen is all buttoned up, and has been delivered, and ridden.  It turned out really well, and has cemented my belief that my next bike will be made of metal. 

 Looks like just a standard Ti bike, right? 

Nope.  44mm headtube.  Oversized top tube, down tube and chainstays.  Way oversized Enve fork.  Rest assured, while it may look "normal", it's anything but.  It's every bit as stiff as a carbon bike, and nearly as light. 
And Kent Eriksen is a bit of an artist.  The fit and finish of the frame are better than any Ti bike I've ever seen, and I seen a few. 

Ok...that's it for today.  It's Monday, and I'm sure we all have shit to do. 

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