28 March 2014

Note to self...

...eat a little bit in the afternoon...before a ride...any ride.
Wow...empty tank last night.  I was just hollow.  Wanted to ride hard.  Just couldn't.  I guess the muffin I ate @ 2:45 wasn't enough?
Kinda of a funky ride last night too.  Some people who have talked immeasurable amounts of trash about the TriCity ride in the past decided to make an appearance.  Do us all a favor...just stay home...or go ride in the Fort. 

And yes, I have become a bit protective of the TriCity ride.  It's a good ride, with a good, enthusiastic group.  Please make an effort not to foul it up, like has been done with a couple of other good rides in this town.

Moving on....

His aero helmet made him so fast that he ran down a car!  Strangely reminiscent of this...
Funny part of Phinney's terrible crash?  ISOGLASS made supposedly "shatterproof" safety glass.  D'oh...

Emily Collins.  Wiggle/Honda Pro Cycling.  My new favorite team. 

Time for Bristol to up his game!  #getinthevan
Fat bikes...PSSSSHHHH....

And another week draws to a close. 
Probably nothing happening in the morning, as it's supposed to rain.  I'm planning on riding, so if anyone is interested, let me know.
Sunday we're riding @ 9 from Colonial Center.  3+ hours out thru Lex/Cal. 
Rubber side down to everyone racing in Chuck this weekend.  Rumor has it that the surface on the course, both days, could be abrasive to flesh.
And if it's wet, run less pressure.  It's no slower, and may save your collarbone.

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