07 March 2014

Portland South

Another day of 42 and pissy rain.  Makes my joints feel LOVELY.  Wish my knees and hips had grease ports.
Supposed to be sunny and warm-ish this weekend.  And Junior Management is going to the LexCo Branch office, so I'll be able to get some miles...and some shit done around here.

The CX bike will be getting torn down, stripped, and painted.  Crown molding is going up in the bathroom, and some napping will happen.  I have a full weekend planned.

Speaking of, a few of us are batting around going to Charlotte next Saturday for the NAHBS.  There's room in The Beast.  Details aren't hammered out yet, but will be soon.  All are welcome to go look at the pretty, pretty bikes.

Speaking of pretty bikes.  My want for a stainless bike is growing strong.  That Ritte...

As we know, I eschew most ball and stick sports anymore, but when athleticism is shown, I'll give props.  And it goes to Blake Griffin, of the LA Clippers, for this...

Yes, the guy's eyebrows were level with the rim.  As the kids like to say these days, "He got mad hops..." 

Normal rides at the normal times, and places this weekend.  Show up, make the group bigger and better.  Or don't.  They will be good rides, and good times either way. 

Strade Bianche is tomorrow too.  Here's the end of 2012 to whet your appetite...

Enjoy your weekend.

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