26 March 2014

A kerfuffle?

It seems there may have been a kerfuffle last night on the ride...and I missed it!  Damn!

It seems a certain person was going above and beyond his normal levels of stupid, and fouled up the group.  Like I said, I wasn't there, but the same story was relayed to me by three separate people, so there you go...

Here's a sort-of-pro tip :  If you plan to : '...do my own thing...', go do your own thing by yourself.  If your "coach" has a plan for you, go do it by yourself.  No one cares.  The strongest guys who have ever lived in this town rode with the group.  They rode as quickly, or as slowly, as the group traveled on a particular ride.
When it was time to go fast, they either dragged the group along with them as they took monsterous pulls, or they rode alone.  Marc Williams and Daniel Barry are two perfect examples of this behavior. 
And if one chooses to act like a fuckwit, and then gets called out for it, by more than a half dozen people, a couple of things should happen...
--Don't make BS excuses.  We've heard them all.
--Own the fuck up.  Apologize if necessary.  Don't let it happen again.
--Make an effort to keep a low profile for a bit.  Watch the experienced guys/girls in the group.  Make the effort to be better.
Take this for what it is...constructive criticism, but don't get me wrong.  I'm not the arbiter of all that is good and fair in cycling.  I don't have all of the answers, but PLEASE realize that, on these rides, and rides across the planet, there are always guys who are faster, and who possess decades more knowledge. 
These two things are not mutually exclusive.
We've all been forced to do these things at some point in our lives...cycling or otherwise.
And speaking of BS excuses, don't use words, nor phrases, that have ZERO reference, or make no sense.  It brings to mind this scene from the movie "The Princess Bride"...

And most of all, heed the words from HBStache...

I have extras...

Thanks for your time!

And the "Bike Bill" was summarily crushed under the collective carbon sole of the cycling community.  After Rep. Wendy Nanney was called out for what can only be called sheer ignorance, she pulled her proposed Bill off the table at the Statehouse.  Unfortunately, her attitude remains.
In her statement, it became abundantly clear that she views bicycles as impediments to automobile traffic.  Her want to "...keep the flow of traffic moving..." is a clear indication that she sees us as being in her way.
Ms. Nanney, let me remind you of one thing.  You aren't stuck in traffic.  You ARE traffic.
And to add to her Spinal Tap levels of ineptitude, she deleted all posts and comments made by the cycling community from her Facebook page.  Not a good way to "start a conversation", as she said she was interested in doing.  A conversation isn't one when voices are silenced. 
I asked for a response, but was told Rep. Nanney was unavailable, as she was running to the dry cleaner to pick up her brown shirts. 
And to think that the Tea Party Conservative M.O. is to always call for less Government intrusion into citizen's lives. 
Ironic...party of one...your table is ready.

Let's lighten the mood a bit...
 Spring is upon us.  Remember not to mess around with bees...

And sometimes, cycling GIF files are cooler in reverse...
Go to reversegif.com to make your own.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I actually have places to go, and people to see today.  Nothing like having an appointment at the Lexington County Sheriff's Department to start one's day...

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