09 March 2014

If I may...

I don't like to wax poetic often.  I'll point out the obvious, and it's quite apparent that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  In this case, I'm gonna wax on, like Daniel-Son in Karate Kid.

The weekend that just passed is the very reason people should A) Live in the Southeast, and B) Ride bicycles.  While the rest of the country is still getting their collective asses kicked by Old Man Winter, Spring popped up, and said hello.

Two days of big sun, blue sky, empty roads, and some sights that were just pretty fecking great.  One of those was the vulture that was flying BELOW us today out in rural Lexington County.  It's not often that one gets to see one of nature's greatest flyers sailing on the breeze...from above.  Justin and I were having a conversation, looked right...down into the valley, and saw it at the same time.  We both exclaimed, "Now THAT was cool!" 
Sort of made the ride for me.  It even made up for the two big GD holes Moon Moon rode me through. 
Not-So-Pro Tips :  1)Point out holes.  2) Point out holes BEFORE you ride past them.  

It was terrible out there today...

Now...on to the show...

Your fat bike isn't...
Peter Sagan?  Or Pedo Sagan? 
Columbus XCR Stainless.  MAX tube shapes and sizes.  Add a 44mm headtube, and send one with a 56.5TT, 73.5HTA/73STA, and 40.5 stays to my house.

Some real racing finally happened this weekend in Italy...

Strade Bianche

Roma Maxima (last 3km at least)

And with that, I bid you good day.  I've been up since 3:45am, and am operating on fumes.

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