24 March 2014

Buckle up...

Today might be a long one, so settle in. And yes, you'll want to read all of it...
Well, maybe not ALL, but certain parts...

Let's get started with the abjectly stupid.
It's seems Rep. Nanney (R-Greenville) has authored a Bill in the SC Statehouse that would require cyclist's over the age of 15 to carry liability insurance.  No, this is not the beginnings of an article over at "The Onion".
Here's why it'll never happen :
Insurance companies have no way to even write such insurance.  There is nothing written in the SC Vehicle Code, nor the SC Insurance Code that would allow this coverage to even be written.
Insurance companies also have NO way to underwrite such coverage.  How would a company assess risk?  There just isn't a way to do so.
Law Enforcement has more important things to do that stop a group of cyclists to ask for their "permits", and to write tickets.
"Yes, we know that Dollar General is being robbed, but we are writing tickets to these scofflaws on their bikes..."
The Courts have more important things to pursue.  Traffic Court would be inundated with cyclist's fighting these inane tickets.  Most cyclists have a little bit of money, higher than average IQs, and plenty of time.  It would gum up the works worse than eating an entire brick of cheddar cheese.
And the DMV?  Please.  Those folks can barely do their jobs now.  Add another layer of complication, and make it bicycle related?  Yeah, that'll really smooth out the experience at the DMV...for everyone.
We should be concerned here, but settle down everyone.  This proposal will never get past first reading.  It's a waste of time and money. 
If you are so inclined, contact Rep. Nanney.  Be nice.  Be respectful.  Show Rep. Nanney that cyclists aren't all uneducated, dirty hippies.  Remind her that we are usually quite steadfast, that we come from all walks of life and ideologies, and that we VOTE.

Moving on to something (marginally) entertaining...
 MSR 2014 (last 100km)

Good rides this weekend.  Nice to be back on the bike after a little bout of sinusitis. Gotta love modern medicine.  Killed it before it got into my chest, and that's what matters.
Saturday we did a LexCo loop, and rode a bit shorter, as I had to be at #2's Futbol match.  It was a good time.  85km in the sun and wind, and I made it in time for kickoff.
And remember...hills build strength...headwinds build character.
Oh, and his team won 4-1.
Sunday, Il Prof and I ventured out into Lower Richland for a bit longer tour.  We did the old, "Hey, where does this road go...", and found a couple of really nice roads, and a town that was once booming, but no longer exists.  Kingville, SC.
 Sort of cool, and thought provoking at the same time.  I'm planning to drive out and poke around in the near future.
We also discovered a couple of ways to make rides out there a bit longer, but never too far from home.  And the roads and terrain were pretty brilliant.
Not much to look at, but that's not necessarily a bad thing now, is it?
Once back to Service Course, I turned and burned.  Quick shower and lunch, then loaded up and headed out for another ride.

Another 20km on top of the 105km racked up just an hour before. It was more fun, and soul-fulfilling than pretty much anything I've done in a long while.

The new trails at Otarre/Old State are open, and pretty damn glorious. They are a great place to ride, run, or walk.  And they link to both The Powerstation, and (with VERY little effort), the Cayce side of the Greenway.  It wouldn't be at all difficult to link together a ride of considerable length that NEVER encountered any sort of vehicular traffic.  And that's a good thing!!
The only complaint was from #2.  It seems his grips need to be replaced. Fortunately, I have some flouro green Oury grips that will match his bike.  This pleased him!

And with that, I bid you Buon Giorno.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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