30 December 2013

Well...that's that...

Last ride of 2013 is tomorrow, and I will use it to ride with Junior Management on their new whips.
See, unlike some people...Dave LeDuc...I have my priorities in perspective.
Seriously, a 62 year old man, doping his old balls off.  I mean REALLY?  EPO, Steroids, AND amphetamines?  One could say he was jacked up, jacked up, and jacked up...all different contexts.
And two years?  Fuck you!  That guy has been kicking everyone's collective ass all over the Southeast for YEARS.  This isn't his first time at the rodeo.  Ban his ass, period!
And as was asked on the Twitters early today,  What's worse, getting caught doping, or explaining it to your peer group at work? 
A lot of guys are pissed off right now.  A lot of other guys in the Southeast Masters ranks are likely shitting kittens.  And they should be!
I'm not naming names, but there are guys around these parts that are to doping as Michael Jackson was to babysitting.  (It's a thinker...)

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE reading this takes umbrage with anything I've said above, feel free to prove me wrong.  I'll wait...

Moving on...

Diegem Euro CX (full coverage)

It was the last race for Sven Nys on a Colnago, and he took Colnago out in style.  It was a clinic.  No one had anything for #svenness.  Folks on Twitter moaned that the race was boring.  If one thought Diegem was boring, one truly doesn't understand CX, bike racing, or athletics in general.
Yesterday was like watching Michael Jordan in the 1986 NBA Playoffs when he hung 63 on the Celtics.  It was athletics at it's highest level, period.
And let's be perfectly honest, Sven Nys is class.  The guys wins, gives back to his sport, and is, by all accounts, a nice guy. Prima Donna?  Not Nys!

Think you'll see Cavendish do this?  Ever? 

He gave Ernesto a BIG W in his last race on a Colnago, and finished it like this...

Dude is the best.  Pure Class.

Stuff to read/look at/whatever :

Craddock UK custom carbon.  Very nice...

Cedric Gracia's seemingly innocuous crash...wasn't...

Yeah...a little crash almost cost the guy his life.  Learn some First Aid folks.  It could make a big difference to someone!

OH.  MY.  DOG. (Diadora content)

Nice group ride on Saturday.  Beautiful Day for a spin through LexCo.  Big blue sky.  Good folks.  Big Fun. 

Sunday was Han Solo, as I didn't want to wait until the afternoon for the weather to clear.  CX bike.  2 hours.  Vitamin D...or M as the case may be...
 I'm not sure, but does Rule #5 apply to flowing water crossings of unknown depth?
 Notice the red mud in the upper left?  Yeah, it's washed out.  I turned around.  No sense in drowning...
I was rewarded with this view...

Roxy and I met this morning for a nice 2 hour spin.  No pictures.  Sorry.  Just some miles and some smiles.

New Years Day Ride @ 0900 from The Colonial Center.  3 hours out thru Lower Richland and back home.  The USC game is on @ 1pm, so everyone should have enough time to do the ride, and get home for kickoff.
Come on out!  Start the year off right!

And with that, I bid you, and 2013, adieu! 

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KindHuman Sports said...

Is LeDuc the one that's the judge? Or is he teammates with a judge? I can't get it straight. I know that there are two masters racers, one's a pharmacist and the other is a judge and the guys just dominate every race they enter. Rumor was, back when I was in Winston, that these guys had their own little dope clinic.

It's. Just. Sad. These guys aren't even professionals and they are doping. I agree with you, life sentence.