10 December 2013

Just. Got. Real.

Yeah, last night, things got real for The Big S. 

It seems that Specialized doesn't even OWN the "Roubaix" name.  They license it from ASI, who is the parent company of Fuji.
ASI has contacted Cafe Roubaix, and told them that they are welcome to continue using the name. 
ASI has a history of playing fair with others who would like to use their Trademarks.  Class move by ASI/Fuji.  It's truly rare to see such corporate responsibility and maturity, as well as common/good sense these days. 
As for The Big S...crickets...
I'm willing to bet that heads are going to roll in Morgan Hill.  Hopefully, the PR/Social Media folks will be spared, as they aren't responsible for Shit Storm 2013
That blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Specialized management, both here, and in Canada, as well as the Lawyers involved. 

As for Richter, the chap who owns Cafe Roubaix, he's been told by ASI that he'll need to license the name.  If ASI/Fuji plays this right, and I'm betting they will, they'll charge him $1 for the licensing fee.
 If you're gonna support a Canadian enterprise, that's the one to support! 

Your bike handling skills?  Yeah, they suck!

Ashton was seriously injured while making this video, so he called Akrigg and Macaskill to help out.  They performed admirably. :)
There's a larger point that can be taken from this too.  If you think hitting a bump, or popping up/down a curb is going to ruin your road bike, it's won't.  I'm sure these guys tore up some equipment making this short film, but what they were doing was completely out of the ordinary.
What we do?  Ordinary...

When did this guy figure out this was a bad fucking idea?

I'm all for getting rad on a CX bike, but there is such a thing as going TOO big! 
My Insurance Exec wife said, after watching the video, "This is how you fulfill your deductible in one, easy step..."
She ain't wrong...

The 2013 version of the Bilenky Junkyard CX went off last weekend, so the video isn't up yet.  Here's 2012, so you have a point of reference...

Even if this sort of thing isn't your cup of tea, all involved looked like they were having a good time, and isn't that what this is all about? 

Don't forget, Gamecock Roubaix is Saturday morning.  0900 @ The Colonial Center fountain.  Weather looks iffy, so plan accordingly.  Plan is to ride, even if it's crappy...

Everyone is welcome,  Please remember though, this is a 50+ mile ride, across hill and dale, that will include dirt/muddy roads.  Though we will try to stay together, and ensure everyone's safety, this is a self-supported ride.  There is NO sag/broomwagon!!!
You are ultimately responsible for your own choices! 

Become familiar with this map :  Gamecock Roubaix 

Also, please make sure whatever bicycle you choose to ride is in good, working shape.  If you have a mechanical that cannot be quickly repaired with basic tool, you'll need a mobile phone...

OK...enjoy this lovely day.  Yeah, it's crappy here, but you could be in the Northeast...getting smashed by snow! 

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