22 December 2013


Let's start this off with a Pro-Tip/PSA...
Concrete, post rain, or when subject to high humidity, and when under a canopy of trees so it cannot dry properly, is slicker than whale shit on an ice floe.  (Yeah...that's spelled correctly...feel free to look it up...)
Not 15 minutes into our multi-surface ride this morning, one of the group touched his front brake in a corner, and low-sided it into the ground.  Somehow, he landed directly on his thumb.  No, that's not a typo!  He landed on his thumb, and just about tore the poor little piggy off.  We made sure he was ok, and he could get back to his car...and we continued on. 
2 hours passed without drama, until we hit the very last section of concrete.  I think you know where this is going.  Mr. Daniel took off, hit a damp, off-camber section at a rate of speed that was somewhere North of advisable, and went down...sliding like he was trying to break up a double play at second. 
Nothing broken...body, nor bike, but as my Grand-dad used to say, he was "skint".  After a few minutes of assessing injuries, and getting everyone's wits in check, we rolled on. 
I split in the 'hood, to get back to the 'wood.
Good 3 hours on the CX bike this morning...

There may have been some #sockdoping as well...

Yesterday, Il Prof and Roxy came out for a trip out thru the Swamp and back.  55 miles fell under wheels pretty easily, even though I seemed to have inadvertently embro'd my undercarriage.
Yeah, that shit happened. 
I was dressed, pockets full, and sat down on a dining room chair to put on my shoes.  Dookie decided it was a good idea to pour some juice on the chair pad. 
I sat dead in some of finest apple juice available from Publix.  FUCK! 
Ran in, stripped, and changed out bibs.  I thought I was being careful.  Wrong. 
Mad Alchemy medium ended up where it was not designed to be. 
The first 90 minutes of the ride was less than comfortable. 
Pro-Tip/PSA #2 : Do I really need to spell it out?

Two days...two good rides...and a total of 12 hours on the bike for the week.  I'll take it.

How many fucks does that guy give? 

Essen CX (full coverage)

Namur CX (full coverage)

2014 Diadora road Vortex Pro.... the want is strong...

Christmas ideas...yeah...I know it's in two days...
I'll take the Merckx 525 book, the Molteni cups, and the Christmas lights...if anyone is buying...

Time to move The Elf on The Shelf, and hit the rack. 

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