12 December 2013


So Specialized got shut DOWN on the whole, "...sue the little guy thing..." AGAIN!  If you're keeping score, they're 0-2 in their last two at bats.
ASI/Fuji told them to get bent, and knowing that he would lose in Court, Mike Sinyard, President of Specialized/Dark Lord of The Sith, got on a jet, and high-tailed it to Canada to apologize to Cafe Roubaix personally.

Here's the issue with this, and the issue with his reasoning behind attempting to sue Cafe Roubaix.
Sinyard is full of shit.  Only when he knew he'd been beaten did he make the effort to contact Cafe Roubaix.  Not before the suit, in an effort to hash out an agreement, or even have a conversation.  He only got on the plane after his snout got whacked with a rolled up newspaper by both ASI/Fuji, AND the cycling community at large.  And let's face facts here, he got smacked HARD.
This 'visit' was nothing more than Sinyard's effort to save face.  It was his "look at me...I'm FOR the little guy..." moment.  Well Mike, I'm not buying it.  It comes across as hokey, and a bit dishonest.
And Sinyard's reasoning for the suit...to protect the brand from counterfeit products?  Yeah...good effort Bro.
Sure, Cafe Roubaix sells branded wheels...that they build ONSITE.  They are not sourcing counterfeit, open mold frames from China, badged with Specialized logos.
Richter sources parts, and builds his wheels by hand, just like Boyd, ROL, Williams, and myriad other wheelbuilders.  There's NO difference...except that Sinyard didn't like him using "Roubaix"...for his wheels...or his shop name.
I'm all for protecting your image/brand from counterfeit, low quality goods that may fail, and injure someone, but the two things just aren't comparable in this instance.
It's duplicitous of Sinyard to allude to this argument.

Instead of just admitting defeat, apologizing, and doing what's right, Sinyard has to make it about him, and create a photo op.  It's disingenuous, at best.
And let's be honest, it's not the first time he's sued someone over little more than a name.

I wonder if he's gonna stop by and say hello to the guys at Volagi?

What Specialized does next will speak volumes.  Instead of continuing on the path of the douchebag, Sinyard needs to up his game, and give something back.
Donate bikes to a junior program, or twelve.  Sponsor a few races that are going to die because of funding issues.  Show up personally at some small races, and personally give out schwag, or throw primes.
Generally, just go be a brand ambassador...and an ambassador for the sport.  Hopefully, the old leopard can, and will, change his spots.

As for me, I'm not buying ANYTHING branded with the Big S...ever again...

End Rant...

EDIT : Sinyard and his cronies are at it again.  Not even 24 hours has passed.  God, these guys are asshats.

Now they've sent a C&D letter to EPIXGear...the little clothing company that got it's start right here in town!

Two wheels good...very good...

BMW R90 Custom

Where is this...and when do we leave?

Don't forget....

Nice little 90 minute spin last night.  Good some blood flowing, and some fresh air.  Just a ride...nothing more.  Sometimes, that's what's needed.  Roll around.  Look at stuff.  Ride up to the top of a parking garage and look out over the town.

Two sunny days in a row?  What's happening around here?  Go outside and get some blue sky today!  It's good for you!

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Ray said...

You nailed it. I don't buy the apology in the slightest. After this grassroots backlash, it was desperate survival attempt. I also don't buy the excuse about warding off counterfeit products. Sure, that happens, but all it would have taken was a little web search to see that Cafe Roubaix and Epix are no threat to this giant. Even though they may have saved face this time, I doubt that their corporate mentality will change. I regret buying Specialized as my first bike and will never buy it again.