07 December 2013

Quick Saturday Hit

Fun ride this morning.
Yeah, it was raining.  Harden up.
It was 68 degrees when I left Service Course.  The rain came and went a few times.
Instead of lazing about, my grain-fed ass knocked out 2.5 hours.
The CX bike got the call, and it is now deeeer-tay. 
The PowerStation was HEAVY.
No matter, I got my ride...

 Twas foggy in the low lying areas...
Vitamin D is good for you! 

And now, a bit of a rant....

Let's start with this...
Brace Yourselves...

FUCK YOU Specialized!  Yeah, you heard me!
You fucktards have a history of suing good people for no good reason.  Many times, you just outlast them, and beat them with bags full of money. 
Sometimes, guys like Volagi stand up to you, and punch you right in your very deserving junk.
This Lawsuit you've just entered into only further cements the fact that I, as well as many others, hate you.  We hate your product.  We hate your business practices. 
Suing a guy over a name that you didn't even create?  Really?  What's next, suing France, and making an effort to change the name of the race...or the entire town?

Sinyard should really go seek out some professional help.  There's something wrong in his head.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, will confuse this poor chap's shop with your line of bicycles.  To think otherwise is over-estimating your own importance, but that's what you jerk-offs do, isn't it.

There is already Twitter banter of starting a Kickstarter campaign to collect money to help fight this legal battle.  I truly hope it happens.  I'll kick in a few Benjis.

If there was ever I time I wish I was a Lawyer, AND Canadian, this might be it.

My neighbor Jonathan is English.  He's from Liverpool.  He's very fond of calling certain people "daft pricks".
I do not think there is a more accurate descriptor...

I have Special Ed cages on all three of my bikes.  As soon as I wrap up these thoughts, I am headed to the NOT Special Ed dealer to buy SIX bottle cages.

Bad form Special E...bad form...


Junk said...

They should trademark dickhead. I'm pretty sure people use that word more to describe them.

mdrogalis said...