28 October 2013

Jump right in...

...was the motto for Saturday morning.  Temps went from pleasant at the end of the week, to downright cold on Saturday morning.
Now sure, 38 and sunny REALLY isn't that cold, but when one rode in bibs and a jersey 2 days before, it's a bit of a shock to the old system.  Couple that with the fact that Winter riding gear needed to be located.
One just doesn't leave it in the drawer, sharing space with the warmer weather kit. 
Regardless, we soldiered on. 
A nice 80km out through the Swamp was knocked out with little drama.  Just a group of guys, rolling along.  Even in the 40 degree temps, El Sol felt quite nice, both on the face, and on the back.

Carolina pulled out a win on Saturday night, so the ride Sunday was thin...anorexic perhaps.  It rolled out as it began years ago, with just the three amigos present...
A standard loop was chosen, and we rolled on....until arriving @ the turn on Big Beaver Creek.  Instead of following the planned loop, we played the "Hey...where does this road go...?" game.
Turns out, the road traversed some damn nice countryside, and kicked us out onto HWY 6, about 7 miles from Swansea. 
Not a car to be seen. 
Feeling better than I have since before 'the incident', I decided to test the ribs.  Turns out, grinding out speed while seated isn't a big issue.  The fitness is still there.  I still can't get out of the saddle for more than 5 strokes, but that will come...
A nice 5 minute pull into a swirly headwind was enough to deaden everyone's legs for the remainder of our 105km tour.
I hit Service Course, peeled off entirely too much kit, showered, and ate the kitchen.  Sun-dried tomato hummus is quite good as post ride fuel.

Following a very short break, Corpo loaded into The Beast, and headed to Camden to wander around Camden Revolutionary War Park
The Kershaw House.  Built in 1777, burned in 1865.  Rebuilt to it's original specs in 1977.  It housed Cornwallis' HQ during the occupation of South Carolina.  Up to British 2500 troops were at this location at any given time. 
If you live at all close by, it's worth the trip, especially on a spectacular Fall afternoon!  Lots of ghosts rumbling around...

Stuff to watch :

Tabor looked like another fun, flowy course.  Ruddervoorde just looks HARD!

Proof that Sean is a vampire.  This pic is from Central Park...in the 70s...

Gilbert demonstrates the correct distance at which one should stay behind the car when motorpacing. 

There's a lot right with this photo...

And so Monday begins...with me pissing away a good 5-7 minutes of your productivity.

Oh, and big ups to JustinB and Charlie for their rides this weekend!  Good show boys!

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