30 August 2013

So...so close...

So Tony Martin went solo at the Vuelta the other day...at KM 1.  He didn't get caught until he was 25m from the line.  That's right.  A 174-ish km solo break.

As has been well documented on my little dirt road off the information superhighway, I don't like OPQS.  Ironic, as I like several of their riders...
Anyway, that was some heroic effort from Tony Martin.  Reminds me of when DZ went all solo on the field in Stage 11 of La Vuelta in 04...but held it...for 161km.

(There would usually be a video here, but for the life of me, I cannot track one down)

Instead...here's a video of everyone's favorite doper...

Notice the names in the clip?  Yeah?  All guys popped for dope.  Maybe the field WAS level back then?
 And you cheered...you know you did...it's OK!

OK...gotta go do laundry.  The work of the Director of Facilities is never done.

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