23 August 2013

Short Friday post

Well, the flood in the basement seems to have been solved.  Water got pumped out, the water heater, thankfully, fired right back up, and the new sump pump got installed.
After the day of stress, and thinking that I might actually be forced to dip into the DOUBLE secret squirrel, everything seemingly worked out OK.

(Knocks on the very hard, very heavy, Indonesian Teak table on which this is being typed...)

Rushed around, dealt with kids, spent money and didn't eat a whole lot, but chose to go ride anyway.

A few things.  Tromping up and down the basement stairs, tromping around in water, and running around like a headless chicken will make you tired, and make your feel less than chipper.
The ride to the ride was not giving positive feedback.

Fortunately, Madre Natura had other plans for the ride anyway.  It grew darker as we waited to roll, and once out onto 12th St., it became very clear that big lightning was just ahead of us, and coming our way.
I turned around, as did a few others.
Rain?  Sure.  Wind?  Whatever.  Lightning?  Ain't nobody got time for that.
It's just a bike ride.  There's not real reason to risk having 1TW of energy pass through your person.
And after the stormy ride of two Summers ago, I've probably toed that line a bit more than one should.

Home, shower, eat, bed...thank you!

Oh...here's a small clip that proves that NONE of us are the bike handlers that our little minds want us to believe we are...

Stybar.  Eneco Tour.  Watch it a few times...you'll see it...

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