12 August 2013

Oh, hi Summer...where you been?

Nice ride Thursday night.  It's really amazing how fast, and smooth, the group can be when everyone takes their pulls, and works in the line.  Shocking...I know!

The heat was becoming apparent on Thursday however.  towards the end of the loop, it began to make the big bodies suffer.

Saturday, a large group looped the lake.  Normally, I'd be down for this kind of fun, but the idea of getting up at 0500 to make a ride with a 0730 take off did not hold any romance for me.  Nor Bristol, as it seems.
We met @ 0900 for a CX ride out thru the dirt...well...dirt that was broken up by large, opaque mudholes of unknown depth. 

Twas deep in places.  Yes, that IS mud from a hole on the flange of the hub.  A hole we WALKED around!!
Once off the dirt, we did a nice road loop into Calhoun County, back to the river, up Gervais TWICE, and ended in Five Points so the tattooed one could sit in the sun at Drip. 
3.5 hours.  We got muddy...we got miles...we got some sun.  It was a damn good ride!

Sunday was long, and hot.  Period!  Thank whoever that the Swansea loop has plenty of places to stop for water.  Well, except the Tennis Center on Sundays before 1pm!  Freaking Lexington County...
I took down SIX bottles in 3.5 hours, and still nearly came apart on the ride back to Service Course.  It was a good ride, but just miserable! 
Don't know about the rest of the group, but feelings of normalcy didn't return for me until about 8pm...after taking down about 3 quarts of fluid, and eating the kitchen.

 Empty roads...

And lovely vistas on in the country...

As we know, in cycling,a skinsuit offers superior aero properties.  below, you will see the proper fitment of a skinsuit...

OK...it's Monday...time to get the week started.  Upside...school starts in just one week.  Oh joy.  Quiet will once again return to the house, at least for a few hours of the day.

It also means I'll be able to get some stuff done around here. 

Gonna be hot today.  Drink something...and stay inside.  That's my plan!

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