26 February 2012


As you've seen already, the Spring Classics have begun. I'm as giddy as a little girl...

Much like Spinal Tap's amps, Dura-Ace now goes to 11! Oh, what to do? As soon as the old truck sells, I'm pulling down on new parts for the Ridley. I guess I'll just stick to 10 speed stuff, as I have a SHITLOAD of it.
And to be honest, we probably won't see 11 speed Shimano for a long while, and as the article tells us, it's Di2, so an offering of a male offspring will likely be necessary to procure the groupset.

Good Saturday ride, the wind notwithstanding. We pretty much stayed in the trees until the right turn onto Shop. While forward momentum was arrested, it was certainly slowed. Nothing like grinding away into a 40kph headwind, killing yourself to maintain 30kph. Even on the false flat down to the bridge sprint, I was only turning over 38kph. It was just brutal.

I got out of the shower and my face was just burnt. The wind had it's way with me...

I missed Il Prof and TVH this morning, as the wife neglected to make it home from her workout until 0930. I can make up 10, maybe 15 minutes out into Lex/Cal, if I know the route. 30 is just not do-able. Instead, I vacuumed and washed both trucks, put the white truck on Autotrader, and messed with the M.T.s. About noon, it became clear that I needed to go ride, so I geared up and rode the Jericho for 2 hours. It was breezy again, but nothing like Saturday!
I decided to cut through the location of the new Flying J truck stop, and nearly had a spectacular get off in some VERY soft LexCo sand. The vacuum created from my sphincter slamming shut was possibly the only thing that allowed me to remain upright.

I rolled home to discover that Mother Nature had other plans for my Florida-sourced TV watching. Translation? It was raining in Daytona.

Instead, I broke out the heavy tools and affected repairs on Service Course. Translation? I fixed the bad wood on the ManHole(tm). Wow, that sounded really NC17, eh? 3 hours, and a trip to Lowe's later, SC is once again buttoned up tight.

Big exciting weekend, huh? Hey, they can't all be winners!

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