27 February 2012

Ah Monday, you glorious S.O.B. !

Edit : And top put a cherry on top of a rainy day, we've discovered that the rear rim of my ROL Race SLs is cracked in about a half dozen spots. Greeeaaatttt....

I know I posted the finish, but here's the last 5km of K-B-K.

Firefly makes me feel warm and funny. Check their Tumblr page for more bike porn.

Champion System Pro Cycling Team wearing Chuck Taylors at their team launch. As they're based in S.E. Asia, what's the bet the shoes are knock-offs?

Gnarlube. Don't know about their product, other than the fact it seems to be bike lube, but they have the whole 'marketing' thing down pretty well!

These are the cobbles on the Molenberg. Looks like a good time, eh? Pic credit goes to the brilliant Jered Gruber.

And for those who bitch about living in Columbia, you could live in the bicycle mecca of the upper Midwest. It's a balmy 22 degrees there, and a blizzard warning was issued for tomorrow and Wednesday.
Not so bad here, huh?

Anyway, happy Monday.


Junk said...

Minnea..what? Not complaining...it was 38 at the start in Dahlonega. That's 38 in the mountains which is equivalent to 45 at the beach.

MM said...

You don't complain, but believe, the whinge is STRONG in this town. Of course, nothing pleases some people.
Too hot, too cold, too windy, too many cars...

These same folks would bitch about carrying a bar of gold. "It's too heavy..."

Junk said...

It was perfect this weekend. Rain the night before made it not dusty and the ride up the second climb was awesome next to the creek.
Yeah it's rought having junk the weight of a gold bar I have to carry around all day. It's a hindrance on the bike too. Then I woke up.