23 February 2012


You want something to motivate you?

Plan a route that takes approximately 2 hours with about 90 minutes of daylight left. That's exactly what I did on Tuesday afternoon.

The H.O. got home at 4:30. I got on the CX bike @ 4:45 with the plan to go out through the Fort, dive into the woods, and ride the trail all the way back to the gate. The first part of the ride was great. Just rolling along without effort. Looking back, I probably should have dialed it back for the first 30 minutes or so, as the climb out on Hartsville Guard was pretty miserable. Of course, I WAS riding 33c tires (measured 36-37) with 50 psi in them. Standing to climb was a washy affair, at best.

Once at the trailhead, a second wind hit, and the hammer went back down. The trail was in perfect condition, but again, I rode the file tread Clements. Fast, but no likey the slippy turns.

As I jumped out onto the road at the end of the trail, the sun had fallen behind the trees...time to go.
The access road lead me to the gate, and off the base. The sun was dipping below the horizon at this point. Did I mention I had on my dark Oakleys, and did NOT have a headlight? One was by plan (headlight), the other was just poor decision making. Note to self : put in the contacts and wear the yellow lenses...

I ran it home thru Heathwood and Shandon, and rolled into the yard @ 6:30...it was dark-ish.

No matter. It was a good ride, and big fun. I got a little mud on me and no blood was shed.

And yes TVH, neon is BACK! Manufacturers call it 'hi-vis' yellow, but make no mistake, it's neon!

And, and here's a lap of Oostmalle from Christian Heule's bars...lovely little course...

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