08 February 2012

1/2 way to the weekend

After Conta's suspension, Riis announced his newly signed GC rider. Gilberto 'El Luchador' Bontalor. (photo courtesy of HandlebarMustache)

Merckx...DeVlaeminck...mud...cobbles...black and white...that is all!

Rolled around in the dark last night. Didn't have a whole lot of impetus, but it was far too nice of an evening not to ride. That, coupled with the fact that I would have likely committed some sort of "-icide" had I stayed in the house, forced me outside.

This beautiful sunset was part of the reward for kitting up and getting on the bike. And the moon was BIG and full last night. Coming home through the 'hood, I clicked the light off and traversed the streets with La Luna to guide me. Once the eyes got acclimated, it was quite nice! Of course, riding through Shandon in the dark, sans headlight, in a bit like playing "Junior League Soccer Mom Roulette".

Quick news:
Naked joggers in Columbia, now naked cycling flashers in Charlotte.

And whoever did THIS bullshit needs to spend a little time in PMITA jail.

Time to start steeling myself for the remainder of the day. #3 is at the Ped's office right now. 6 month check, and shots. He'll be a joy for the rest of the day...


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