03 February 2012


McQuaid fiddles as cycling burns?

TVH gave me a heaping ration for the day-glo DeFeet gloves last weekend. I told him that neons were coming back. I just bought new Diadora PR3 kicks, but now feel that I should have waited for the Jet Racers. So fresh...

Foundry has made something that is relevant to my interests. In a World of garish, overblown design and paintwork, simplicity shall be King! And it shows the new lever shape of SRAM Red. I gotta get this stuff in my hands. I like the Double Tap, but hate the current lever shape. If the new Red is Meathook Approved (TM pending), I may "Make the Leap".

And from the "Time Flies" File...
#3 is 6 months old today. Where the hell did that time go? As you can plainly see, he's a big, healthy, happy fella. I'm insanely lucky and blessed.

As for the TGIF title, has it been a long week for anyone else? Time has crawled this week. Like 1000fps slo-mo crawled. And of course, as it's par for the course, the weather is supposed to take a turn this weekend. A week of sun and 60s/70s will turn to cloudy and 50s for Saturday and Sunday. No matter. I'ma ride anyway...

Speaking of, it was a good ride last night, except for the fact that I was on a borderline bonk for the last hour.
Two notes to self :
(1) Don't dump shift under power in the middle of a 15+% hill. The F/D doesn't like it and WILL make you stop in the middle.
(2) Eat and drink something in the afternoon. I'm trying to lose some weight, but DAMN! I left the house feeling flat, and came home thinking about the digestibility of Deda bar tape.

Either way, two hours in the dark, in 60+ degrees doesn't suck. Especially in February!

Rides :

0900 from Brennen School 45-ish miles Paceline 20-22mph rolling. (Saturday)
0900 from Greene and Laurens 50+ miles Base pace into Lexington/Calhoun (Sunday)
Be there! You may enjoy it!

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