01 June 2011

Wednesday morning quickie

...and who doesn't like a quickie in the morning?

Rujano is using every neck muscle in his tiny little body to keep from turning his head! You can almost hear his thoughts..."No mire Jose...no mire...!" It reminds me of the pictures you see of the dog with a treat balanced on his nose.

And yet another example of proper skinsuit fit...

The TNWC went off last night. About 20 masochists left the line together in 97 degree heat. It was just brutal. The usual ebb and flow was there, but the swings in pace were much larger than usual. Two or three laps at 45kmh would be followed by two laps at 30-32kmh.
Two chain drops for me last night...one on the short chute, that cost me yet another lap, and the second on the backstretch, at 50kmh, after running through one of the 'repaired' strips. A new f/d will be ordered today. Tired of nearly blowing out my hip when the chain falls onto the 39 at speed!
TobyS escaped with 2 to go, and the group watched it. Personally, I'm quite surprised that he was let go. It's not like he's A)fast, or B)done it before!

Yet another trip to the Surgeon for me this morning. 3 months post-op...
The Surgeon who did my procedure(s) makes his real money doing bariatric/weight loss surgeries, so even at my 185 pounds, I get big stinkeye from the other folks in the waiting room. Nice to be the skinny guy in the room for once!

Welcome to summer everyone!


Velocodger said...

Great post! So what's your pick for a good front derailleur?

MM said...

A Shimano one that isn't...
A) Almost 4 years old
B) Bent to shit and back