17 June 2011

Riding here does NOT suck!

A protected trout stream that ran next to the best road I pedaled my happy ass on all week.

The views are spectacular. This is from inside Valley Forge. Long climb up through the park to get here, but the view and descent were worth it!

We had a little reunion of sorts last night. It was one of those reunions where you only see the people from high school that you actually liked, and still like! Big fun was had by all. Booze flowed like water, two kinds of BBQ, and plenty of laughs! Ingredients for a good evening!
LV spilled a full glass of red wine...no big deal, right? Well, the hostess with the mostest doesn't take kindly to spills in her new house. Fortunately, she was in another room! LV (the spillor), our friend Mike, and I attacked the spill like a NASCAR pitcrew. Joe Gibbs Racing doesn't have SHIT on us. Inside of 20 seconds, the spill, and any evidence that it ever happened, disappeared. I know it's sort of a location joke (you had to be there), but it was freaking brilliant!

Good rides this week! Back in the truck for another 10 hour beating tomorrow!



Junk said...

Did you guys break out the Shamwow? I find it hard to believe anything in this world could be cleaned up in less than 20 seconds unless Monica Lewinski or Shamwow was involved.

I-81 south. It may look longer, but it's better than subjecting yourself to the beltway.

MM said...

Yeah, 95 is a ball-breaker. 81 to the Turnpike is about 45 miles longer, but is shorter from a time suck perspective. Next time, I'm going that way. I did both in college, and 77/81 was always more entertaining...

As for the spill, you would have been impressed. Not much you can't do with a 1/2 roll of Bounty!