04 November 2016

Been busy...

Haven't updated for a week. Sorry. Trying to single parent, ride, and keep the house from looking like a troupe of gibbons lives here consumes a lot of time.
The Boss was out of town for work for a good part of the week, ergo, I was flying solo. No nannies or babysitters here. Unlike a lot of people, I handle my shit, and parent my kids.

Rides :
Had a few good CX rides over the last week.
Last Thursday's night ride was fun. Big group. Everyone stayed together, which was cool. 19 people winding our way through the woods and down dirt roads is good stuff.
Saturday was a shorter road ride. Soccer was going off, so I had to get home. Still got 70km.
Sunday was a great road ride. Out with the headwind. Home with the tail. It was beautiful out in the sticks.
Methinks the cotton is ready. 100km fell easy. Even ran into an old friend and shot the shit for a while. Good to see the old boy.
Tuesday brought a modified CX ride. Fucking trains everywhere. I finally gave up trying to do my complete CX loop, turned around, and headed directly to The Powerstation. It's LOOSE out there right now. We need rain badly. Even so, a quality effort was registered.
Yesterday, things worked out for the best. I caught the tail end of two trains, and the guys working on the underpass @ 26 let me sneak through. I even added a new dirt section.
Just FYI, the guys working on the 12th St. Extension extension (not a typo) graded and watered the far end of the dirt yesterday. It was pretty rideable in the morning. They've been doing it about 3 days a week.
Coming in on the PowerStation, some jackass jumped out of the woods, and waved for me to stop.
He told me they were hunting back there, and I shouldn't be riding my bike.
Um, fuck you? I explained that he was on Cayce City property, and hunting was banned in that location. And ME be careful? They were out there near the main gas line that runs into Columbia. Yeah, hit that with an errant .30-06 projectile at @3000' per second. Stupids.
And how about you fucktards NOT hunt illegally, and NOT shoot anywhere near the road? Yeah, it's still a public use road, even though it's closed on both ends. You don't have a "right" to wander around wherever you deem fit...with a GD rifle!!!
I rode on, and called the po-po when I got to the end of the dirt.  The 911 operator said, and I quote, "Why are people so dumb?"
Question for the ages.
Up Gervais with a tailwind is nice. Still hard to big ring it, but it does boost the ego a bit.
Coming home, the Salsa started making noises for which I didn't care. The drivetrain was disgusting. Chain and cogs got pulled and cleaned. Rear hub got pulled apart (it was pretty dry).
Funny how the noises went away and the bike shifts better now.
No futbol this weekend. Thank Dog. Only two weeks left. It's hard enough keeping up with 12 kids. Their parents are what's tiring.

Stuff :
 Oh my...
A little flashy for TVH.
 New rubber day for the Salsa as well. The old Clements were roasted. I usually keep one old tire, as a spare/back up. Not yesterday. Both got shitcanned.
Know what all of these things are? No? Then I don't want to hear about your disc brake road bike BS.
Shut. Up. And. Take. My. Money. F yo Sprinter van.

Gotta jet. I'ma go vote today. Screw waiting all day Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend, and as KK used to say, may it be frank and productive... (Miss that guy...)

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