15 November 2016

Still off...

Remember the scene in "The Princess Bride" when Miracle Max said, "...He's MOSTLY dead..."?
Yeah...I've ridden one time in the last 6 days because I'm MOSTLY lazy.

Last Thursday, we rolled over to the night ride. Nice group...big fun...then it happened...
Once we got onto The Powerstation, there was the telltale "PAAANG" of a spoke letting go. It just worked out that it was on my bike. Rear wheel. Rear carbon wheel. Driveside. Perfect.
TG stopped with me, and I wrapped the spoke around it's nearest, still intact neighbor, undid the brake, and rode on.
In my haste, I neglected to realize that the head section of the spoke was stuck in the cassette, ergo, I was Capt. Fixed Gear until we met the waiting group at the end of the dirt.
Once again, I effected a quick fix, and we rolled it home.
The Williams Cycling carbon wheel has been an absolute trooper. Bulletproof. Hell, I bought the damn things in the Spring of 09!! If you needed great, stiff, light, fast wheels, look at Williams.
Enough shilling...
I ran up to the shop Friday morning, bought two spokes, and replaced the broken one. Brought it up to tension, checked the rest of it's friends, and voila, the wheel was true, round, and back in service.
No ridey Saturday. Futbol was at 0900, and I just had no urge to get on the bike after the match. Lazy.
Nothing at all productive went on the rest of the day. Lazy.
The plan was to meet The Heathens Sunday morning at the stop. The weatherman said there was a chance of rain. What they didn't say was that it would start at 5:00am, and last all flipping day. 43 degrees and rain.
Maybe being off the bike last Winter made me a bit softer, because the very thought of going out in that shit was not attractive. We called it.
I went to Whole Foods, then didn't leave the house again until Monday morning. Lazy.
Jump to today...
Not a lot happened today either. The plan was to hit the night ride tonight, but The Boss did me, and didn't get home until 6, and I HATE having to kill it to make the ride. Plus, all of the fires up in the mountains are sharing their smoke with us. It was a bit hazy today, and the air quality was less than optimal.
Instead, I made nachos for Junior Management, and waffles for myself. Lazy.
The lazy stops tomorrow morning. I've ridden 4 times in November. The remainder of the month will be spent with a Flite firmly pressed against my butt.
Smoke and air quality be damned...

There are berms, then there are BERMS...
 I've been in front of this face on a climb before. Yes, he had been long retired at that point, but it was no less daunting...nor cool.
My friend Dave built up this beast. Monster cross? Mountain cross? Monster dirt road rig? Check. Full XT. Long travel fork with lockout. Any tire fitment your little heart desires. GD cool if you ask me. Sort of like Dave...

Speaking of bikes that will go anywhere...
I'd roll this thing all day, every day...
Retro-Mod BMW R90
Smooth and clean.
Kermit the Porsche.
Sometimes, I'm glad I don't have a lot of money. The Toy Barn would need to be about 25,000 sq.ft.

It's 8pm. I'm going to go get ready for bed. I'm gonna ride this lazy wave all the way into the beach.

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