27 October 2016

Well...hello Fall...

It was 72 yesterday. I was looking for a hoodie. My blood has gotten thin in my advanced age.
No ridey last Saturday, as Junior Management had futbol at 0900. Immediately following the match, we went to the Fair.
Wanna know what kills your back and legs? being on them for almost 8 hours straight. Oof.
I rarely take pain meds, nor NSAIDs. I took two Aleve Saturday afternoon, then spent the better part of 45 minutes on the floor with the foam roller.
It helped, but I tightened up nicely overnight.
Riding out Sunday morning to meet Statler and Waldorf was rough. I honestly thought that it was going to be a LONG day on the bike.
Once rolling, things loosened up, and I felt better the longer we stayed out.
The 100km passed pretty easily.
About 20 minutes from Service Course, I hit something that sounded like metal. I figured the tire was cut and dead.
Nothing. No cut. No hole. Quick change and we were gone.
That being said, it was a bluebird day.

Went out and did a little modified CX+ loop. Felt okay. Just sort of spun around. 'Twas breezy. Still got a solid two hours, and the PowerStation was just about perfect.
Night ride tonight. They've been big fun lately. Tonight should be no different, especially b/c we all get to watch TG on his new CX bike.
Yeah...Colnago w/Campag Chorus 11v and Ksyrium Allroad Tubeless wheels. Needs a longer stem, a layback Thomson, and...oh Dog...is that a FSA crank?
Built up easy enough, except for the Avid BB5 disc brakes. Setting them up so they didn't feel like ass is a task.

 Speaking of CX bikes...
Gotthard Pass. Switzerland. When are we leaving?
Know these guys? Know what they're riding?
 If not...well...you know...
And now, from the "I can't even..." file...
FFS y'all, pick one....
And the GD laces are attached to the velcro. WHAT?
Makes my head itch....

Gonna ride out and clear a tree now...

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