26 September 2016

Monday again?

 Mr. Yates. So Pro. Here, he exhibits the old "Yates double bend".
 Christmas is coming...just sayin'...
Ritte hits it out...

Went out on Friday morning w/the plan to just roll around. I felt tired, and dinged up.
Once out, and the legs got going around, I LITERALLY had to keep the throttle dialed back. Head said "spin", legs said, "Let's do this..."
I dialed it up a bit, and took 1:15 off my little "Door to Dirt" section of the new loop. Without effort I might add. It was weird, and doesn't come around very much. 2 hours.
Saturday was a ride of a different flavor.
Felt good. Rode okay. Have I mentioned that we live in a train town? They're bloody everywhere. All hours of the day and night.
First train stopped me for 15 minutes. Sure, I could have ridden back whence I came, but that wasn't the plan. Once clear of the train, the normal loop continued...until I got to edge of the CSX yard.
Train #2 stopped me for another 15 minutes.
Same place as earlier in the week, and the route around for that was a monkey humping a football. I waited.
Rolling again, and headed up Gervais, I noticed a little bouncing. Flat GD rear tire.
I'd like to thank my fellow South Carolinians for that one. A 3" piece of wire went through tire and tube.
Perfect! 15 minutes from Service Course, and I had to burn and tube & CO2.
Still got a good 2 hours, even if it took more than 2-1/2.
The Dean and I met Sunday, and did a slow roll. Pretty much all I wanted/needed.
Came home, ate, tickled both bikes, and then The Nap Monster jumped up and slapped me down.
90 minutes felt good...

Night rides fire up Tuesday. Charge your lights...

Cyclocross fired back up last week. Sadly, there's ZERO available replay of CrossVegas, nor JingleCross. Both World Cups. Pitiful.

Here's Geraardsbergen from 2 weeks ago...

And with that, I'm out. Think I'mma take another nap...

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