20 September 2016


Fun rides over the past few days...
Felt good...rode well...shocking. Better find some wood to knock on...
CC and I went out Saturday morning. I had to be back to Service Course early, as The Boss had to work an event Saturday afternoon, so we did the old Tuesday loop. 2 hours. 60km. Side by side. Easy peasy.
Sunday, The Heathens were few. We rode anyway. Out through Sandy Run, across to Swansea, and back.
Another side by side affair, only this time it was 95km. The weather was perfect. A damn good ride altogether.
I will admit though, I was a bit wrecked when I hit the door. 155km in the wind makes a brother tired. And of course, The Boss had plans for me Sunday afternoon. Shopping. With Junior Management. It was a treat.
The last thing I remember on Sunday was The Boss asking me a question, followed by, "Are you asleep?".
It was 8:30pm.

This morning was a good CX ride, punctuated by a couple of examples of dumbassery, and an episode of "Oh Shit...I'm sliding...!".
I had to jump on the brakes at a light, and it seems someone who had been there not long before must've had oil escaping from their car. Front brake washed, I let off, and it grabbed. Rear brake kicked the wheel out to an angle that was just shy of "you're gonna hit the ground, dummy...". I let off, and somehow saved it.
It might have been the vacuum created by my sphincter slamming shut. Others would not have been so lucky.
I composed myself at the light. Some guy in a plumbing truck complimented the save.
Green light, and not 500m later, some fat guy in a red-checkered shirt (might have been a tablecloth with a head hole) right hooked me. Thanks peckerneck. Thankfully, I saw it coming.
After explaining SC Vehicle Code to him, and reinforcing the fact that he had NO sort of priority, I continued on. I'm sure he anger ate at the restaurant he was turning into...
The rest of the ride was good...other than the dipshit in the Jag who illegally passed me on the right as I took the lane to turn...IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!! I'll see that wanker again one day...
Another 60km in the bank before lunch on a Tuesday. I'm cool with that.

Remember when I said white kits should be outlawed? Well...
 I was CLEARLY wrong. I'm man enough to buck up and own the mistake.
 Oh myyyyyy....
 Possibly the best looking C60 on Earth...
Ditto the previous statement for this CX500. It's like Poundcake. Plain. Clean. Simple.

And we're done here. Time to get a nap. Rough day.

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