16 September 2016

It's Friday...you ain't got no job...

 When your toddler has the passion...
 If you haven't seen this guy ^^^^ win that particular race, please keep your opinions on cycling to yourself.
 Beautiful brakes. Beautiful Design. Brilliant execution. Good luck stopping with them.
Shut Up And Take My Money.

Good rides this week. Did the new loop once on the CX bike and once on the road bike. Weird weather going on. Cloudy and dark in the mornings, then by lunch, El Sol was big and bright.
Fall is coming people. You can feel it and see it.
Leaves are already falling on my already browning grass. The joy that is removing leaves is about to begin.
Fortunately, I have Junior Management. They don't know it yet, but there will be manual labor involved in their near futures.
Also chased the creak on the Ridley cranks/BB...AGAIN! I finally lost my shit yesterday after it squawked at me for two hours. I came home, and stripped the whole shooting match apart.
Cranks out. Rings off. Pedals off. BB out.
Inspected the BB shell on the frame. Nothing. Clean and tight.
Everything got cleaned, then greased with an inch of it's life, and re-installed.
Test ride? Quiet.
If it creaks tomorrow, I'm going to start looking for Shimano cranks.

Gonna be nice this weekend. Go outside and play.

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