03 October 2016


Haven't checked in since last Monday. Sorry. I've been busy. This whole "stay-at-home" parent thing is time consuming.
I gotta say, I fucking LOVE homework. 17 years of schooling, and yet somehow, I'm still doing elementary school math. And Common Core math no less.
"What's that?", you ask?
Say you have an itch on your low back.
Stand up. Bend as faaaar over at the waist as you can. Reach your arm up around your ass. Now, go ahead and itch your back.
And some of the teachers will actually mark a correct answer incorrect if "the process" isn't used. GFY. Seriously.
Pretty sure the guys at SpaceX aren't using "the process" to fire GD rockets into space.
Other than that, the bike was my friend last week.
Big fun on the the first night ride. Decent sized group that were all down for a little adventure. We went a couple of new ways. Both will be excellent when they get fully sorted.
The bike was perfect. Gotta get used to riding with the lights though. The "night eyes" are NOT there yet. Gotta find some clear Oakleys too. The Tifosis were cheap, but that's about it. Optically, even with non-Rx clear lenses, they're average, at best.
TG needs to hurry the F up, and get his CX bike. He rode his wonky-tired 26" MTB, and it killed him. 2.5 hours on that thing would kill anyone...
Nice, easy ride on Thursday morning. Did the new normal loop. Two hours. No fuss.
Nice ride on Saturday morning. We did the old school Tuesday night loop. Just sort of rolled. Got home before the USC football traffic got bad. Another 2+ hours and 65km.
Junior Management was at the LexCo Office, so I tinkered with my bike.
The Rotor 3D crank has been creaking like crazy. I've pulled it, & the BB, 3x in as many weeks. Well, after Saturday, it went bye-bye. I cobbled together an old Ultegra crank, and threw it into the Ridley.
Sunday, most of The Heathens met for a nice, tempo-ish loop out around Swansea and back. It was quicker than the usual Sunday ride. No matter, as it was a perfect day.
We did get a good laugh in Swansea though. Some 5'4", 125 pound, wannabe gang-banger felt like getting lippy with TVH. Mike snickered at him. Meanwhile, I was plotting how I was going to ragdoll his little ass all over the parking lot. Stupid is as stupid does...
On the way home, the Ultegra crank started creaking. It was my fault this time, as the left arm had a bit of play in it. No matter. We rolled home pretty quickly. 
I think a little of the creaking that we all heard was from my big ass on the saddle too. The saddle/post got pulled, cleaned, and re-installed.
I ordered a NOS D/A 7800 crankset (the standard), and a new D/A 9000 BB. 
Everything seems to be in order this morning, by I'm still gonna replace the BB and crankset. 
And I'm tired today. I had a pretty big September for a guy with a bunch of kids who's coming back from knee surgery. Yesterday, into this morning, made me realize I need a couple of days off the bike...
RWB 911 Turbo. They'd put me under the jail.
 A new Merckx painted up in Dura-Ace livery. I'll need a 56, please.
 Yeah...it's funny...
Here's some quality, both in design, and production. Specialized Venge Vias. The rear triangle isn't part of the mold!!! It's not even molded to the main trianle after the fact. They GLUE the flipping thing onto the main triangle!!! What a cobbled together piece of shit. Embarrassing.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Gotta go do that parenting thing...
See you Thursday night!

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