07 March 2016

The week that was...

It seems that I'm back on some semblance of a riding schedule.
Kind of nice. Now I can start to take off this 11 pounds that were packed on during my injury and convalescence.
I hit The PowerStation Tuesday morning, and again Friday.
Just a note for those who are headed out there. SCE&G is working on the high-pressure gas line that's on the far side of the crevasse. It's about halfway between the ditch, and the end of the closed portion of Old State.
They've been back there with trucks, and heavy equipment. The road is a mess. There are DEEP (ask me how I know), water-filled ruts on both sides of the double track. And to be honest, they guys out there working looked less than pleased that I was riding through their active worksite.
Best bet for now? Ride out to to ditch, and turn around. I'm sure they'll be finished in a couple of weeks. I'll keep checking...
There are also several spots that need to be cleaned up, lest they reach up and strip of someone's rear mech. My plan is to head out there this coming weekend, and enlist the help of my child labor force to clear them.

No ridey Saturday, as I had soccer with Junior Management, and wanted to watch Strade Bianche.

Such a brilliant race. Already a Classic.
And I guess Fabi proved that he doesn't need his motor to break legs.
If you get into such things, or fancy yourself a 'racer', you should pay special attention to the final corner. Watch how Cancellara contols it. Not only his line, but Stybar's line as well. That's how it's done.
Oh, and notice Fabi's bike. It's a Domane...a couple seasons old Domane...with mechanical shifting. No need for that fancy schmancy new stuff.

Read Ashley and Jered's write-up. Better than anything else done.

Woke up Sunday and met The Heathens for a jaunt through Lower Richland. It was breezy, but the trees knocked down a lot of it, and we actaully had a bit of a cross to cross-tail on the way home. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and we were on bicycles.
Sure as shit beat any alternative I could think of.
I tried to get them to ride a section of LR Strade Bianche, but was rebuffed.

A photo posted by MM (@mminsc) on

It was probably smoother than many of the paved roads out that way! Might be time to put together another dirt ride out that way.

Gonna be nice this week. Get outside and get some sun on your pale bodies.

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