14 March 2016

Happy Pi Day

Isn't the Monday after DST fun? Junior Management was truly enthused about waking up this morning.
I'm tired too...
Last weekend was the first that I've ridden both days since...well...(thinking)...September?
We had a good little group Saturday morning for a normal loop out through the Swamp. The ride itself was great, on what could only be described as a Chamber of Commerce day.
If I could choose ONE set of variables that make up weather, it would be those that fell together Saturday.
80 degrees. Low humidity. Slight SSW breeze. Big blue sky...
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Sadly, my stomach was less than happy with me. That spicy pad Thai Friday evening caused a bit of a ruckus. Even so, 80km fell under wheels with a jovial group. Kinda what it's about...

Sunday morning...the start of DST...broke with clouds and rain. I got on the CX bike @ 10:30. Roads were wet, and skies were grey.
By the time I got out to the end of The PowerStation, roads were dry...skies were blue. Funny how that works.
And the wind was STRONG out of the SSW. The trip back in on 12th was tailwind the entire way. Nice just tapping out a tempo at 33-35kmh on knobbies. The stomach issues had passed as well.
Twas a good ride.
Once back to Service Course, I hosed off, threw down a sammich, and took Junior Management on a little adventure.
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Nice that their are spots around here where you can let your kids wander down a two lane road.

I would ride today, but I'm knackered. The whole 'coming back from injury' thing is really tiring.
And Saturday, we talked about some of the crazier/more exciting races from Track Worlds...

Elimination Race

I always wanted to try to have an elimination-style race when the TNWC was going on, but getting the group to agree that the sky was blue was hard enough. Trying to get everyone to agree to something like this would have been akin to herding cats.

Enjoy your Monday kids...even if your body thinks it's still an hour earlier...

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